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Stop leaving money on the trade show floor.

Train your team to bring home the deals that everyone else is leaving behind.

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Bring home the deals you're leaving behind.

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reduce your face-to-face appointment cost by 45% with trade shows


of trade show attendees are there to make a purchase


of trade show attendees are looking for a solution to an existing problem


of trade show attendees are gathering info for an upcoming purchase

Work With TradeShow Makeover™

Which makeover package is right for me?


A great way to start to bring home more deals.

Complete Makeover

The 8-week program to show success - guided by a mentor.

Ultimate Makeover

Full program with a mentor by your side. 100% Money Back Guarantee.

“Understanding how to optimize your trade show investment is essential to creating a pipeline. Trade Show Makeover™ gives you the answers to generate the most meetings and pipeline through the trade shows you attend. My recommendation, if you don’t want to become an expert yourself, hire TradeShow Makeover™ to do be the trade show experts for you!”

Chad Burmeister

Chad Burmeister

CEO, and

"The Tradeshow Makeover Team has been incredibly impactful to work with. We went from attending conferences to creating an intentional strategy, maximizing Conferences with realizing great results and a meaningful ROI! As a result of the strategic direction from the Tradeshow Makeover Team we conducted double the appointments we had in past Conferences, filled the room for our speaking engagements and won several new client relationships. We won’t go to another Conference without consulting the TSM Team!"

Jamie Crosbie

Jamie Crosbie


Learn From the Experts

Get unlimited access to 30+ interactive video sessions on cutting edge strategies that turn Trade Show LEADS into DEALS. 


Attract and Retain Exhibitors.

Did You Know?


of marketers are "completely satisfied" with their ability to measure sponsorship return on investment


of sponsors are constantly looking for new partnerships

Work With TradeShow Makeover™

Have the Happiest Exhibitors on the Planet.

Help Exhibitors Get More From Your Show

We'll train your exhibitors to get optimal business results from the unique opportunities your show offers. You'll be a

More valuable partner

Retain more exhibitors

Attract new sponsors

Keep Them Coming Back

Your exhibitors and sponsors will:
Make the most of their investment in your show.
Close more deals because they were at your show.
Track revenue results back to your show. 

Don't Get Cut

Recession-Proof Your Show

When exhibitors can demonstrate return on investment from your show, they will keep coming back. Trade shows are often the first in the marketing budget to get cut. Make sure yours isn't one of them! 

"It’s every little piece. Not just one thing. It’s the work before the event, to the work you did to make our exhibitors successful, to your suggestion about getting signatures and commitments at the event. Working with TradeShow Makeover™ has been nothing short of amazing."

Bob Perkins

Founder & Chairman

"We are two months ahead on sales of where we usually are at this time after the Summit."

Ashley Gagliano

Executive Director Global Sales & Service

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